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About us

The TANA eye clinic is a private healthcare facility providing extraordinary outpatient ophthalmological care. Our clinic, led by Dr. Kateřina Špačková, specialises especially in refractive and cataract surgery. Since 2012 we have also conducted difficult operations on the deeper part of the eye – vitrectomy.
The goal of the TANA eye clinic is to provide state-of-the-art outpatient ophthalmological care according to the latest trends in the world, all in calm and pleasant surroundings where each client is treated on an individual basis.
Why TANA, or, how do we see ourselves?

For us, every patient is important
Dr. Špačková, medical head of the clinic: „With each patient we solve problems from the beginning to the end, recommending the best individual solution.“
Dr. Balnerová: „We remember your name and your face.“
Vanda, reception assistant: „We follow your requirements.“
Dana a Míša, theatre nurses: „Before an operation, everybody feels a bit uneasy. We try to make you feel as comfortable as possible. We are here for you.“
Our focus is on top quality
Dr. Šín, clinic co-owner: „With no exception, each patient will get the best possible care.“
Dr. Marešová, senior doctor: „It is not only about expertise and many years of practice, but also about the level and amount of equipment used for treatment and for diagnostics.“
Mgr. Laciga, managing director: „Erudition and expert knowledge in every position is guaranteed. The whole team is made up of highly trained members who are eager to learn and keen on ophthalmology.“
We do not stagnate, we develop
Dr. Balnerová: „We watch the latest developments closely and implement new technologies.“
Dr. Šín, clinic co-owner: „Indeed, we keep our fingers on the pulse of the time. But we are definitely not hot-headed. According to my experience, not all the latest innovations in technology are brought to perfection and not all of them will catch on. What we do not want to do is to make guinea pigs of our patients.“
Ing. Šínová, clinic co-owner: „We are proud of the name TANA. At the beginning of 2013 we changed it to the TANA Eye Clinic. I believe that the breadth of our activities, as well as the high level of care, fully justifies it."
Tradition …
Soňa, reception and theatre nurse: „Patients who were operated on with laser technology by Dr. Šín in the mid-1990s are coming back to us today; at that time they were teenagers, while now they are at an age at which they are becoming likely to need reading glasses.“
Dr. Šín, clinic co-owner: „ … and we can offer them another operation, if they need, including intraocular surgery.“
Martina, optician: „ … or perfectly selected and manufactured glasses, which is also part of what we, TANA, offer.“
….and more
Dr. Špačková, medical head of the clinic: “We are unique; there is only one TANA.“
Denisa, head of the office: „We are looking forward to seeing you.“

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TANA oční klinika, s.r.o.

Uhelná 8, Olomouc
tel.: 585 242 729, 602 525 723
č.účtu: 216 792 684 / 0300